Parks are important for physical health!

Most of the higher income communities have parks. If you take a look at the stats you will see that most people with higher incomes also tend to have better health. This may not only be because if the parks but presumably because they can purchase better quality foods. However having parks in your neighborhood are still a great idea.


If you give the community the ability to be able to go out for a nice job around their park they are more likely to do it. If they have to travel several miles before they can reach a park, its not exactly the best motivator. As it is getting people to exercise is very hard not to mention adding more layers of burden. You constantly see out on the internet for men that think they can bypass regular exercise. You may or may not have heard of this product but what it does is it helps direct blood a genital area during intimate acts. Usually older men or even younger men that have poor stamina. By preserving parks you may see less junk like this on the web and more successful and maybe inspirational stories about how working out has improved their lifestyle.

Kids also can highly benefit from having a park in their neighborhood. Most of the time where there is no designated area to play kids end up playing in the street. This is not exactly the best place for kids. This leaves room for kids getting run over of potentially causing other kinds of mischief like vandalism. Entire families too can greatly benefit from parks. Over the years a park can provide countless hours of quality time in the form of barbeques and picnics. If you take that away you are by far not allowing the creation of great moments. Sure there are costs associated when it comes to parks such as cleaning and maintenance. But what we should keep in mind is we are all human beings. It is always a good idea to invest into other human being cause we will be improving society as a whole and in return making this world a better place. Not just for us but for our little ones who will be the ones to inherit everything. We must have parks!

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