Lack of exercise can cause erectile dysfunction

The causes leading to the erectile dysfunction are numerous. Most of the times, the erectile dysfunction installs at the beginning of a relation. The male is either stressed or dominated by his partner. In this case, he is hyper emotional, distrait and very ductile psychically talking. It is hard to get through such a problem because the man sees the next sexual act as an exam. He is convinced that in this way he will convince his partner that he is the ideal man. Unfortunately, this way of thinking is not a productive one. A male concentrating on the woman’s needs only and neglecting himself cannot resolve the erectile dysfunction problem. The medication can provide more trust to the man, the treatment for the erection problems depending on the problem’s cause, which can be psychological, physiological or a combination of both. The erection problems, that have one or more major physiological causes, have most of the time psychological causes that aggravate the problem and make the treatment more complicated. Numerous doctors use a wise approach of treating the erection problems using the least invasive treatment. Finding and eliminating medicines that can determine this problem are steps in treating the erectile dysfunction. In some cases, another type of medication can be tried. Also, an oral medication can be tried only if a cause that can be easily treated cannot be identified, such as side effects of some medicines or testosterone deficiency. There are many websites that can help you with this. If you use that website in conjunction with to watch the videos you will win big. Some even in other languages. For example there is a site called which a Spanish based website. In attempt of healing the erectile dysfunction a vacuum device can be used as well as medicines injected or inserted in penis, the surgical implant or the external “splint”. If the erection problem has a physical cause, the behavioral therapy or the psychotherapy would be indicated. The psychologists say that medication can help especially to offer the male some trust in himself. But, if the erectile dysfunction is of psychological cause, the therapy on a longer period of time is the only chance of the man to a normal life. The sociological implications of the erectile dysfunction are very important. First of all, if a man suffers from this affection, his partner suffers too. Beside, the couple’s problems will get in the common circle of friends or individually. The male will be so much easier irritable and without any patient regarding the people around him. In the same time, the woman will have the tendency of thinking that she is the main guilty person for the partner’s problem.

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